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    Q: I can't view Jobseekers Resumes, or print the resumes. Top
    A: ACT is trying to popup a helpful workflow window (not an ad).Please modify your popup blocker settings to allow ACT popups.

    Tips on Allowing ACT Popups

    Netscape 7.1 Users
    Select Preferences from the Edit Menu.
    Select Privacy & Security and Popup Windows.
    Enter into the Allowed Websites window.

    Google Toolbar Users

    (Click the Options button in the Google Toolbar to enable/disable the Blocker functionality.)
    While ACT is open, click the Blocked button on the Google toolbar to allow ACT popups
    (clicking the button again will disallow ACT popups).

    AOL 9.0 Users

    Click Settings on the AOL toolbar (or enter the AOL keyword Pop-up).
    Go to the Pop-up Control Settings window.
    Enter into the 'Allow only these sites (suppress all others)' field.

    Q: Why can't I log in? Top
    A: Follow these troubleshooting steps: