Title - 1000s of auto/truck/tire/collision jobseekers tell us what ads and efforts win the Gold, the Silver, and the Bronze medals, and which are just pot metal.

The State of Our Nation is …….. not so good (in the workforce …. that Is) - I get asked this all the time, “With an unemployment rate of 7 % and millions more underemployed, why am I not getting responses to my Help Wanted ads? It’s because so much of our workforce has turned into the Why Force.

  • Why should I get a job when I can get unemployment for 99 weeks, then file for disability afterwards because I have mental anguish?
  • Why should I pay my mortgage when I owe more than my home is worth and it takes 2 to 3 years to evict me and I can live here for free until then?
  • Why should I buy any food when I can get food stamps?
  • Why should I try to contribute to a broken economy that wasn’t my fault?

I’m just a victim of the greedy elites - Lost your job because the economy took a dive? No way that is your fault Joe the Worker, let’s extend that unemployment until things get better. Can’t pay your mortgage? Not your fault; that was brought to you by Fannie, Freddie, AIG, and others. Credit card balance just keeps going higher? Not your responsibility! That is why the new Financial Reform bill was passed to stop those Bucking Billy Bronco Bankers from overcharging interest and fees you should not have had to pay.

See a pattern here? And it went right to most unemployed Americans’ heads just like a strong dry martini on an empty stomach.

Orthopaedic shoes so you “stand corrected” in your expectations, unemployment is 1% not 7% - So with the above in mind, your recruiting efforts for experienced auto/truck/tire/collision personnel should be stellar, as if unemployment is 1%. Finding good experienced auto/truck/tire/collision employees is as frustrating as the Democrats and Republicans agreeing on anything. So making less than “Gold Medal” efforts in this economy is like a drug rehab center advertizing that Lindsey Lohan is the head counselor. There won’t be many serious inquires.

WII FM is not a radio station – Good auto/truck/tire/collision experienced personnel, and ESPECIALLY skilled tradesmen, seeking employment are getting more attention than a pregnant high school Prom Queen. So your intent is to not only get noticed, but to also to engage in conversation with the potential employee. Your efforts/conversations with them should always be WII FM, What’s In It For Me (the Me is the employee). Look at your past ad copy, or think about the last time you talked to a prospective employee looking to make a move. Did your ad copy or conversation with them have what was in it for the potential employee? Or did it lead with something like “what are you going to do to benefit me and our organization?”

Putting your best foot forward instead of foot-in-mouth – From Gold to pot metal, below are guidelines from 16 years of auto/truck/tire/collision recruiting as well as our company being responsible for placing thousands of personnel in our industry. If you’re not going for most items in the Gold, finding employees will be as hard as looking for a book of matches ….. in the dark.

Gold Metal Career ad features
  • Up To $XXXXX sign-on/relocation - This is the most aggressive tool to get potential employees to at least respond. Some of our aggressive employers needing techs (as an example) where the shop has so much work, or the shop’s techs are being picked off by Boeing, Exxon, fracking and mining companies, employers have to pay as much as $30,000 sign-on/relocation/longevity bonuses. That is not a misprint, up to $30k, but spread over 3 to 5 years. For more information on how to properly use a sign-on, go to:
  • Minimum Weekly Guarantee for sales personnel or up to $XX Per Flat-Rate Hour for techs- In high cost of living or very competitive parts of the country, some employers are paying guarantees and/or Techs up to $30 to $50 a flat-rate hour. If your company is paying an extraordinary amount, then include it in your ads
  • Temporary Housing - Excellent tool for re-locators
  • Talk to Our Personnel - A prospective auto/truck/tire/collision employee will always feel better if he can find out from a “Bro” how your company operates
  • 5-day work week and NO weekends - If this is possible, include in your ad
  • Customized career path - So important as mentioned in my last article
  • For Technicians, minimum weekly hours guarantee - if possible.
  • For Techs, 40 hour guarantee with production bonus (for recruiting less experienced Techs)
  • State-of-the-art facility - If you have one.
  • For Techs, heated and/or A/C shop
  • Weekly/Monthly cash spiffs
  • An Owner who cares about his/her employees
  • For Techs - ASMs/Service Advisors who KNOW how to sell, and with honesty and integrity
  • For Sales Personnel - Managers who KNOW how to manage and sell with honesty and integrity
  • The Department Manager has been with our company for XX years
  • Our upper level personnel in this position make $XXXXX per year
  • Bullet point your ad copy - paragraphs are too cumbersome these days for busy Americans, especially jobseekers.
  • Videos of your facility as well as some of your existing personnel testimonials
  • Respond quickly to inquiries - The most common complaint we get from jobseekers is that they called and left a message, they emailed and/or faxed their resume, and NO ONE contacted them back.
Silver Metal Career ad features
  • Sign-on/relocation - no “Up to” amount
  • 5-day work week with optional weekend work
  • 5-day work week with rotating Saturdays
  • For Techs, Our shop’s work is XX% customer pay and only XX% warranty
  • Continued paid training
Bronze Metal Career ad features
  • Stable organization
  • Lots of customers
  • Modern facility
Pot Metal Career ad features
  • Condescending ad copy - I see ads all the time with something like “No slackers, flakes, alcoholics or druggies. You must be blah blah
  • No WII FM
  • Paragraphs and no bullet points
  • Blind ads - I know sometimes we have to use them, however blind ads will cut your response by 50% OR MORE.
  • Incorrect contact info - Wrong phone or fax #, voicemail box that is full, incorrect or no working email addresses
  • Not responding quickly to inquiries - Again, the most common complaint we get from jobseekers is that they called and left a message, they emailed and/or faxed their resume, and NO ONE contacted them back.
Be more than a one-trick-pony and go for the Gold when “ALWAYS BE RECRUITING” – The more Gold Metal features, the more you move the potential employee’s cerebral motor cortex, the more contacts you make, the more chance you will have connecting with experienced auto/truck/tire/collision personnel who DO want to consider your company’s career opportunity. – Joe Henry

*Son of a former Mercedes and Studebaker dealer as well as an independent shop owner and fixed ops dealership manager, Joe Henry has had many successful years in the automotive, truck, tire and collision industries before founding ACT Auto/Truck/Tire Staffing in 1998. He can be reached at 1-800-489-0536 or visit

Joe Henry - Owner
ACT Auto/Truck/Tire/Collision Staffing

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